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Cash Rebates

The Malta Film Commission offers generous financial incentives of up to 40% to audiovisual productions filming on the island. These incentives are in the form of a cash rebate given to qualifying companies on the eligible production expenditure incurred in Malta which includes accommodation, air travel, EU labour cost, per diems, location fees, all rentals, shipping.  Non EU nationals can also qualify if they are engaged on Latina’s payroll.

There is a cap on the ATL spend  of €500,000  but unlimited spend in BTL.  A film production  company must engage a local service provider to qualify for the incentives.

Latina Pictures is by a long stretch the most active film production company having submitted over 20  applications with a 100% success rate.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about fiscal incentives.

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The guidelines are available on the Malta Film Commission’s website:



The Value Added Tax  on all goods and services is 18% and is fully refundable to productions.  A reduced rate of 7% is applicable on hotel accommodation.